An industry veteran for well over 25 years, Mike Deodato Jr.’s work has graced, among many others, ELEKTRA, AVENGERS, THOR, PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL, NEW AVENGERS, HULK, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SQUADRON SUPREME and currently, THUNDERBOLTS. Mike has been a solid voice in mainstream American comics for a quarter century.

Mike Deodato (born May 23, 1963 in Campina Grande, Brazil), sometimes called Mike Deodato Jr., is the professional pseudonym of Brazilian comic book artist Deodato Taumaturgo Borges Filho. He currently lives in João Pessoa, Brazil.

He has worked for nearly every comic company and on almost every major comic character in some way or another and changed his style of art a number of times. His current work blends his ’80s style touches of his ’90s vibe for an effective, gritty look.

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