Miharichu-Emi CosplayMiharichu-Emi discovered the world of cosplay in 2013 and since then she has indulged herself in making cosplays and props from scratch. In this short period, she has created several cosplays and was fortunate enough to win several cosplay awards, like Best Group Act, Best Group Overall, Best Cosplay and Secret Hallway Contest.

She enjoys making cosplays that combine elements from both sewing, armor- and prop making. In the process of making cosplays, she finds it important to recreate every single detail the best way she can, using online research and experimentation as a guide. Miharichu often cosplays solo, but also cosplays with her husband, with who she most often cosplay duo characters, like Link and Zelda from their favorite game franchise; The Legend of Zelda.

Miharichu-Emi will be a judge for Cosplay Contest Sunday and C4.


Website: https://www.facebook.com/MiharichuEmiCosplay/?fref=ts


Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october