Mike McMahon is widely seen as the most important Judge Dredd artist out there. Also known for RoBusters, ABC Warriors, Slaine, Super Bean, The Last American, Batman and Hellboy.


  • Legendary Judge Dredd artist since 1976
  • Game artist for Xiaolin Showdown & Warhammer 40k
  • Decap Attack for Sonic The Comic
  • Also worked on
    • RoBusters
    • ABC Warriors
    • Slaine
    • Super Bean
    • The Last American


The British artist Mike McMahon has been a professional artist since 1976, since he started drawing Judge Dredd for 2000AD. For 2000AD, he also drew RoBusters, ABC Warriors, Slaine and the magnificent Super Bean. Other characters he has worked on include Batman, The Last American and Hellboy.

Apart from comics, he has also done concept work and storyboards for film and TV, plus I spent five years working in videogame studios. He was part of the teams that produced Hot Wheels games for the original PlayStation console and also handheld games based on Xiaolin Showdown and Warhammer 40k.

His favourite out of all my comics work is Decap Attack in the British weekly Sonic the Comic, Nigel Kitching and Richard Piers Rayner scripting.

He is currently drawing Kestrels, a comic about child evacuees in England during WW2, written by Ben Dickson.


1. Sketches & Commissions

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2. Casual talks!

Every artist is excited to meet his or her fans and is willing to talk about basically everything. Many fans have had interesting discussions with artists. Just walk up to them and ask them a question!


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