Maza faceMaza (alias Milorad Vicanović-Maza) lives in Laktasi, Bosnia Herzegovina. He is a very active, independent illustrator who very effectively uses his talent to draw for books, magazines and comics. Nowadays, he’s working on two series at Soleil: Triangle rose and Wunderwaffen. Other projects are two editions of le Vekovnici and the annual comic festival Stripa Laktasi, which gathers all notable artists of the Balkan. To the question of why he has become an artist, he replied: ‘There are two things I couldn’t bear to miss in life: breathing and drawing.’ (source)

Also on his impressive resume:

  • Lady Spitfire, a gripping story about a female aviator in World War II,
  • Jour J, which interestingly mixes the Cold War with the First Moon Landing and more historical events with what-if situations,
  • Space Reich, a historical story set in World War II, and
  • USA über alles, about international espionage in the Cold War.

His work is also documented in the collection Les filles de Soleil, which consists mainly of illustrations of barely clothed, but incredibly classy fantasy women.

Maza is coming to FACTS in collaboration with publisher Daedalus.

Want to meet this incredible artist? Then come and visit him in the Artist Alley of FACTS, on the 22nd and 23rd of October, in Flanders Expo, Ghent! Maza will be available on Saturday AND Sunday. 


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Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october