Matsu Sotome is a 24 year old cosplayer from Russia who lives in Moscow. She has been cosplay for eleven years now, as she started in 2006.

The most important thing about cosplay for her is the acting, the creation, the costumes development and the Make-Up. She has also been a regular jury member of Cosplay competitions since 2010.

Matsu is particularly loved in the community for the very authentic way in which she portrays our favourite characters.

Her favourite works are:

  • Shrek 2 – Fairy Godmother
  • Mulan – Matchmaker
  • The Little Mermaid – Ursula
  • Fairies – Fairy Mary
  • Zootopia – Fru Fru


Matsu Sotome will be judging the Sunday Cosplay Contest and the ECG selections as well as giving a Q&A about her cosplay work and the way she interprets characters. Timetable to be announced! 



Present at FACTS: 2017-1-Spring