marioboonMario Boon was born in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. At the age of 17, he produced a series of penguin gags, of which he self-published three albums.

Boon then attended the Saint-Luc art academy in Gent and graduated in illustration and design. He started out doing illustration work for children’s books, magazines and newspapers. His first BD album was a factional biography of the poet-priest Guido Gezelle in 1999.

He found employment at the Studio 100, where he worked for two years as staff illustrator. Also in 2000, the publishing house De Eenhoorn published Boon’s first children’s book, called ‘De Kip van Huub’. For the Flemmish department of the publishing house Dupuis, he took on the comics series about the punkrock band ‘X!nk’. He began the website , which became a breeding ground for young Flemish and Dutch talent for 5 years now.

Boon recently drew a short story for the Hurricane Katrina aid anthology ‘Hope’, written by Alex Wilson as well as doing some coloring jobs for IDW. He is also the artist behind the Doomsday: 9 11 19 series.

He then was approached by Antony Johnston (after meeting at the Bristol comic con) to successfully help pitch his all-ages series Texas Strangers to Image comics in 2006 which he’s been drawing since. In his very rare spare time hes drawing his first graphic novel “Venice is sinking” with writer Christian Beranek, due out sometimes next year. Mario lives in Sint-Amandsberg with wife and baby daughter and two cats and dreams of the day he can fly first class.

Mario Boon will sign his copy of Doomsday 3 at FACTS!

Want to meet this amazing artist? Then come to FACTS October 2017, on Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd of October. Mario Boon will only be available on Sunday in the Artist Alley.





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