Mario Alberti was born in Trieste on may 7 1965.
Very early he created his first comic’s character: Polip, king of the seas.

During the university he was thunderstruck when watching “Castle in the sky, Laputa” by master Miyazaki and understoodd that being a storyteller and an artist is what he wanted be as a grown-up.

In the 90’s, he collaborated on several comics on the Italian Market
In 2002 he did the artwork of “Morgana” which was published since 2002 by Les Humanoides Associes and which got translated in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain and the US. For this editor he joins in writer Kurt Busiek to create the new series “Redhand”.

For DC Comics he does covers for Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Dr.Fate and Shadowpact and for Marvel covers and insider art on “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four”,

For the French Market, he works with Valérie Mangin on “Mortemer”, collaborates on the multi artist series “Chroniques de Légion” for Glénat and does the artwork for the series “Cutting Edge” for Delcourt.

Present at FACTS: 2013