2016-12-30 12_34_08-7c47cc_775b2a643544417b887fc918255181a2(458×558)Marco Turini is an Italian artist who has worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Top Cow, Image, Heavy Metal magazine, IDW, Titan Publishing, Avatar Press, Star Comics and many other world-renowned publishers.

He has not only been active in the comic world, however. Marco Turini also worked for some movie productions in Italy and Hollywood, for Vfx Studios (Prologue, Union Vfx, AlkemiX, The Artery Vfx) and even for games companies like UbiSoft, Namco Bandai and Eidos. Official Cover Artist for the brands Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls and Deus Ex.

Most recently, he has worked on Doctor Strange movie concepts.

Check out his website too!

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