Mangafique! was created in October 2006, when Aniway-employee Léon van Hooijdonk and solo-artiste Tze-Ting Chao suggested to let all manga-artists operate under one name. Before that, the artists and artist groups (the so-called circles) only visited the conventions that orientated around manga and anime. Once in a while they were present on comic conventions, but their work didn’t stand out in the bulk of western comics. By sharing a name they want to attract the attention of the visitors and state that manga is a part of the world of comics.

Mangafique! is set on the integration of manga in the Dutch comic culture and the promotion of Dutch works, in the form of professionally published mangapockets. Nowadays Mangafique! visits the biggest comic conventions in the Netherlands, the Animecon and the three-day-long Abunai! convention. This year Mangafique! will attend F.A.C.T.S. in Belgium again.

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