We dusted off our magnifying glasses, we searched, we smoked our pipes and we found our first FACTS guest actress: the lovely Louise Brealey.

This talented British actor stars as Molly Hooper in BBC’s Sherlock tv series, the loyal, clever and tough pathologist with a thing for sociopaths.

She looks really lovable – and she IS really lovable, believe us – but don’t let her looks deceive you. When asked which Sherlock character she’d want to be in real life, it would be ‘bad guy’ Moriarty. And given her ability to slap the bejesus out of Sherlock himself when the time is right, she can only be described as a tough cookie, right?

Louise Brealey has also starred in Containment (2015), Ripper Street (2012) and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011), to name only a few movies and series.

Molly Hooper totally counts for us too and we’re very grateful to have her at FACTS Spring Edition.


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Louise will be available for signing sessions, Q&A panels and photoshoots on Saturday and Sunday.


Present at FACTS: 2016-1-spring