Born in Queens, New York, Joe has recently moved to the north Georgia mountains.

In 1989 Joseph Michael Linsner created DAWN, a modern take on classic earth Goddess mythology. After the horror anthology CRY FOR DAWN, Joe began exploring Dawn’s saga growing a devoted fan base along the way.
In 2000, Joe did KILLRAVEN: 2020 through Marvel Knights and 2003 saw publication of THE ART OF JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, & THE VAMPIRE’S CHRISTMAS.

JML has also done covers for issues #1 – 7 of Dark Horse’s Conan the Barbarian, Witchblade / The Punisher and Mystique.
Joe has fans around the globe & his work has been translated into Spanish Italian & Dutch.

DARK IVORY, is an unorthodox vampire love story. DARK IVORY is co-created by longtime Linsner collaborator Eva Hopkins, & was released in 2008/2009 from Image Comics.

Present at FACTS: 2009