Linda Luksic Sejic was born in Croatia and lives there with her husband and fellow artist Stjepan Sejic.
In 2002 Linda finished high school for Art And Design. This was only the beginning and she applied to college to be an art teacher.
Comics in Croatia are looked upon as a lesser form of art, so the atmosphere in the classroom was very much degrading. My husband and I were both considered as black sheep, in that world of abstract art.
A year after leaving college Linda got hired to work for a tiny studio. Back then it was called “Empty Room Studios” and there she worked as a freelancer colorist. During that period she did also some interior comic coloring for Dynamite. A 3 issue mini-series called “Fate of the Atlantis”, which was being published in a book along with other other stories under the name “Savage Tales” .
In 2011 Top Cow hired Linda to color “39 minutes”.
During a time of intense emotional turmoils she decided she needed to project the negative energy into something positive. That is how the webcomic “Blood Stain” was born.
While working on the webcomic Linda also did some cover colors for “Zenescope” and currently Linda is working on a project for Top Cow called “Wildfire”, which they announced at SDCC2013.

Present at FACTS: 2013