Comic fans will know Frenchman Sieurac from his work on Erik le Rouge, Arelate, La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons and Les Racines de l’ordre noir. 

Erik le Rouge‘s story is about the historical figure Erik the Red, the first Scandinavian settler to build a settlement on Greenland.

Arelate is a tale in sepia style about two youngsters in the end of the first century ad in the city Arelate, now known as Arles in southern France. Which is also the city in which Laurent was born. Cool, right?

La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons jumps to a fictional, medieval world with dragons and knights and Les Racines de l’ordre noir is a story that connects the Vikings to the nazis in a very interesting way.

If you want historical beauty mixed with cool stories, then Sieurac is the man for you.

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Present at FACTS: 2016-1-spring