Lance Henriksen was born on may 5th in 1940 in New York City. He had a difficult youth as his parents divorced when he was two. As a result of this, he left school and home at twelve. As a kid he wanted to become an actor and spent evenings watching Kirk Douglas movies.

He joined the actor’s studio when he was 30 although he tried to get in when he was 16. Until that time he was illiterate and learned to read with the help of filmscripts at the studio.

He got his first role in the movie “The Outsider” when he was in prison.

Although, his first roles were the ones of criminals, murderers and bad guys, he got the chance to act from the beginning in famous movies such as “Dog Day Afternoon”, “Ryan’s Hope” and “Close Encouters of the third Kind”.

After working with him on “Piranha 2”, director James Cameron wrote “The Terminator” (1984) with Henriksen in mind although he ultimately gave it to Arnold Schwarzenegger. But thanks to James Cameron he got his most famous role as the android Bishop (and for once a good guy) in “Aliens” for which he is still loved today. He got the chance to reprise this role as a cameo in “Aliens³” and his character in the “Aliens Versus Predator” was based on Bishop.

In 1993, he got the chance to play the bad guy in “Hard Target”, the first Hollywood movie of John Woo and where his presence easily swept Jean Claude Van Damme from the screen.

In 1996, he got his own series “Millennium” in which he he played Frank Black, a former FBI profiles who can see in the minds of killers and relive bizarre situations. The series was created by X-Files creator Chris Carter specially for Lance Henriksen and lasted three seasons. Despite the fact that it was created with the millennium in mind it was cancelled before 2000. Luckily, the episode ‘Millennium’ in the X-Files got the chance to bring Frank Black back. His performance as Frank Black gave him public and critical acclaim and was nominated three times at the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an actor.

Recently he could be seen in the Steven Spielberg series “In the West”, the disaster movie “Supernova” and the Hellraiser movie: “Hellworld”.

Currently, he is filming two movies in the horror Pumpkinhead series.

His long list of cult, horror and mainstream movies include “Pumpkinhead”, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, “Man’s best friend”, “House 3”, “Near Dark”, “Delta Heat”, “Madhouse”, “The Quick And The Dead”, “Dead Man”, “Super Mario Bros” and “scream 3”.

Present at FACTS: 2006