Kyko Duarte might sound like a Japanese-Mexican manga artist, but in reality, he’s a marvelous Spanish comic creator who has taught himself how to make incredibly fantasy stories and drawings.

Kyko Duarte, whose real name is José Francisco Duarte, has been a great asset to the comic book world since his first entry of his bibliography in 2003: Cold Blood (De sang froid). He then went on to make a whole list of beautiful fantasy art in the form of Le Capitaine Fracasse, Chronicles of the Fairy Wars (Chroniques de la Guerre des Fées), The hand of the devil (Dans la paume du diable), Elves (Elfes), World War Wolves, Hero Corp and Medicis.

Kyko Duarte was also a very productive cartoonist. When he was 19, he already had numerous contracts for newspapers and magazines to provide daily or weekly funny, satirical or political cartoons.

Kyko Duarte will be present at FACTS on behalf of publisher Daedalus, who will also be an exhibitor at our event.

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If you want to meet this great artist, then come to FACTS on the 21st and 22nd of October, in Flanders Expo, Ghent! Kyko Duarte will be present on both days. 






Present at FACTS: 2014 | 2017-2-October