Dutch publisher Koper Comics is one of the most successful independent comic publishers in the Netherlands. After publishing the adventures of his own creation Powerbeast for 15 years, Koper Comics started a new monthly anthology in January 2014 named Superhelden (Superheroes).

Superhelden features the art and stories of its publisher and the translated work of others, such as Herobear and the Kid (by Mike Kunkel), The Red Puma (by Andy Genen), Tinpot Hobo (by Jack Lawrence), Ultra Duck (by Edgar Delgado and Omar Lozano), Mudman (by Paul Grist), The Only Living Boy (by david Gallaher and Steve Ellis), Steam Wars (by Fred Perry), Savage Dragon (by Erik Larsen), Cerebus (by Dave Sim), Strangers in Paradise (by Terry Moore), Six Gun Gorilla (by Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely) and the return (for the Netherlands) of Calvin and Hobbes (By Bill Watterson).

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