Kenny Baker was born on August 24 1934 in Birmingham, England.

He is known as the man in R2D2

He also starred in TIME BANDITS as one of a gang of inept time travelling plunderers. Kenny has been a guest once before in March, 1990, when we were last in the same venue (although it was called The Bodega then).

Kenny has had a long and interesting career in TV, theatre and films. In the sixties he was in a TV film called MAN OF THE WORLD and since then has worked with nearly all comedians. Some of these are; Dicky Henderson, Lesley Crowther, Ken Dodd (as a Diddyman), Little and Large, Russ Abbot, Ben Elton, Dick Emery and Dave Allen. He has also been on 3,2,1 and Opportunity Knocks. Kenny has even met Laurel and Hardy.

His film career really took off with STAR WARS but he had been in film prior to this, called CIRCUS OF HORRORS.

Other films he appeared in are :Flash gordon, Labyrinth and the Elephant man.

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