Juan José Ryp is a Spanish comic book artist known, among other things, for his work on ‘Black Summer’ and ‘No Hero’ with Warren Ellis. In Spain he contributed to erotic comics anthology magazines.

Ryp had a long run of working at Avatar and even art-chores on the graphic novel ‘Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance’ and he illustrated the limited series ‘Frank Miller’s Robocop’. In 2010 he got work at Marvel Comics on ‘Vengeance of the Moon Knight’, and it was announced that he’d be the artist on a Wolverine series, ‘Wolverine: The Best There Is’.

In 2012 he started a succesful series, CLONE, for Robert “The Walking Dead” Kirkman’s imprint Skybound.

His more complete and amazing legacy can be found here: http://comicbookdb.com/creator_chron.php?ID=2064

Present at FACTS: 2014