I’m currently freelancing illustration and concept art full time.

I enjoy consuming and producing almost any form of art – 2D/3D,
digital/traditional, visual/audial/textual…

I have a particular passion for the bronze and dark/medieval ages, low and
high fantasy subjects, creature design, and natural landscape art, but most
subjects intrigue me – I adore the in-depth researching phase prior to
tackling a piece of art.

While I definitely enjoy the social, action or reflex based game, I mostly
enjoy games with compelling stories and great writing and visuals. I see
video games as a true art form, with an immense potential, and wish to aid
projects that truly move the medium forward.

Art is my passion, I’ve never had or never will have a plan B, and thats
really all you need to know about me!

Present at FACTS: 2013