John Terry started his carreer as the leading role Hawk in the Heroic Fantasy cultmovie Hawk the Slayer alongside the legendary Jack Palance.

Nowadays, John Terry seems to be tv’s best dad, as he has been in three different shows a father of a regular character. He played Larry McCoy, Danny’s (Josh Duhamel) in 4 episodes of the first two seasons of Las Vegas. He also played Bob Warner, Kate’s (Sarah Wynter) father, in 12 episodes of the second season of 24. Currently, he plays Dr. Christian Shepard, Jack’s father (Matthew Fox) in the Lost, and although he is dead, he had already appeared in 7 episodes of Lost. Other television role of importance is that of Dr. David ‘Div’ Cvetic in ER.

Besides doing television, he can also be spotted in movies such as The Living Daylights (as Felix Leiter, 007’s friend) and Full Metal Jacket.

He has recently been cast in a new pilot from Touchstone Television for ABC. The pilot is entitled Secrets of a Small Town, a murder-mystery drama about the murder of a teenage girl and the disappearance of her sister in a small town, which kick off a chain reaction that leads to both emotional and humorous discoveries that have been long buried. The pilot also stars John L. Adams, Tyler Christopher, Sean Patrick Flanery, Angie Harmon, and Denise Richards.

Present at FACTS: 2006