Quotes from Equations Of Being by Jhedron Luckspar

“A black oblong appeared from the central obelisk that was future Death and waved at the universe.”

“For Matt the borders between fantasy and reality had always been blurred.”

“A drunk and a bigot, the angel could feel his character and was already judging him.”

“A cog in the machine, but unlike his perfectly functioning colleagues, Beta Three was a deviant.”

“ “Goddamn aliens were like lice,” and Brice was beginning to itch.”

Jhedron Luckspar is an English writer of quirky, hard hitting and thought provoking Sci Fi short stories and flash-fiction. Jhedron will be at FACTS 2014 promoting and signing his new book, Equations Of Being.

Present at FACTS: 2014

Website: http://jhedron.com/