Jerome Blake was born in Windlesham, Berkshire, UK in 1956. In school Jerome was a lighting electrician for the plays being performed there.

He spent twenty years as a musician and at 36 became a model.

Parts in television commercials and pop promos sparked an interest in acting which led him to The Actors Institute and then on to the Serio Ensemble. At that time, music was still Jerome’s main focus but working with writer/director Charles Serio inspired him to explore acting further.

Jerome Blake portrayed numerous costumed characters in the film “Star Wars: Episode I:The Phantom Menace”. These characters include: Rune Haako of the Trade Federation, Vice Chancellor of the Senate Mas Amedda, Jedi Councillor Oppo Rancisis, Horox Ryyder, Orn Free Taa, Graxol Kelvyyn, and others He has a memorable appearance in the “Making of Phantom Menace” documentary included on the DVD.

He also portrayed the mysterious alien Mondoshawan Kommander in “The Fifth Element”, and an Arthurian knight in “First Knight”. Jerome played with our other guest Warwick Davis in the recent “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (as a Vogon Guard).

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