My name is Jérôme Alquié. I’m an artist of Marseille and in the past fifteen years I’ve been working in France as an illustrator of French, American and above all Japanese animation. 

The animated series I grew up with were the only source of visual education I had. I used to watch Goldorak, Ulysse31, Albator, DragonBall Z, Saint Seiya, etc.

That is why in the years 2000 I started illustrating DVD covers of old animated series for French publishers of japanimation DVDs. I gave them a more modern look while trying to stick to the features that were typical of that time.

After that I wanted to create my own style and started working on several personal projects, such as “Sweet Savage”, a collection of ethnic paintings that has met with great international success.

In 2008 the cooperation between me and screenwriter Arnaud Dollen has lead to Editions Delcourt publishing the comic SURNATURELS. So far 4 issues have been released, telling the story of Silène, a fifteen year old girl who tries to live a normal life after having lived in a hospital for months. She is in great danger but her new friends protect her with their … supernatural powers!


Want to meet this amazing artist? Then come to FACTS October 2017, on Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd of October. Jérôme Alquié will be available on both days in the Artist Alley.






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