Worldly known talented storyteller and essayist James A. Owen has been writing and drawing comic books since the age of six. His first works, adaptations of « Goldilocks and the Three Bears » and « Little Red-cap », turn out to be very successful in his immediate surroundings.

Encouraged by this success, Owen continues his studies of world literature and produces many works in pencil and ink, amongst others. Thanks to his several productions as well as his knowledge of the alphabet, he has already a solid reputation when starting primary school.

Owen has been influenced by many styles and movements: the folklore of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, the works of Charles Dickens and G.K. Chesterton and the contemporary fiction of Jonathan Carroll have played an important role in his work. Concerning illustrators of influence, especially the Preraphaelites Joseph Clement Coll and Gustave Tenggren are worth mentioning.

Currently James A. Owen is best known for his lithographies, comic books and essays on folk culture. He’s also a novelist and editor of « Argosy », a magazine on art and literature. He lives with his wife Cindy and children Sophie and Nathaniel in Silvertown, Arizona.

Present at FACTS: 2007