This Spanish artist, born in Barcelona, has given the world paper joy in the form of the comic series The Ways of the Lord and of the series The Blood Queens in particular. And now he’s coming to FACTS!

Both The Ways of the Lord and The Blood Queens – as well as all his other work – stand as shining examples of Jaime Calderon’s excellent attention for detail. Reading the work of Jaime Calderon often leads to the following interesting situation. On the one hand, the excellent stories make you want to complete the comic quickly. But on the other hand, the sheer detail put in each of Calderon’s panels stops you in your tracks, making you want to inspect every small corner and twist before moving on.

The other work of Jaime Calderon is also worth checking out: Extrahumans, Siddharta, The Night Stalker and so on.

Jaime Calderon will be present at FACTS on behalf of publisher Daedalus, who will also be an exhibitor at our event.

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Present at FACTS: 2017-2-October