Born 20/02/1946 Leamington Spa.
Worked in comics since 1972.
First works: Horror Stories, Love stories, Bionic Woman Annuals, Sinbad Eye of the Tiger film comic.
2000AD: Judge Dredd, Robohunter, Halo Jones, Return of the Taxidermist, Teenage Tax Consultant, Samatha Slade Robohunter.
Marvel (UK): Genghis Grimtoad. ( John Wagner & Alan Grant script ).
Marvel US: Star Jammers ( with John Ostrander writing ).
DC: Green Lantern Corps ( Mark Farmer Inking ), Mr Miracle, Millennium ( Joe Staton pencils )
First Comics: Meta 4 ( Script – Stefan Petrucha – I think ).
Dark Horse: Droids and Droids Rebellion ( Ryder Wyndham scripting ).
Various magazine covers for Kerrang and pop promotional work plus album covers for Thor and Girlschool.
The Times of London ( Saturday edition ): Annie Droid and the Millennium Bug ( writing and painting my own story ).
Eclipse/Acme press: Steed & Mrs Peel ( Grant Morrison script ). Backup story: Deadly Rainbow ( Anne Caulfield script ).

But the short version is:
Ian Gibson – he draws stuff.

Present at FACTS: 2014