Writer HELEN McCARTHY lives in London, where she founded ANIME UK magazine in 1991 and wrote the first book devoted to anime in the English language in 1993. She edited ANIME UK until it folded in 1996, then edited MANGA MANIA magazine until its relaunch as MANGA MAX. Her other works include THE ANIME MOVIE GUIDE and THE EROTIC ANIME MOVIE GUIDE, and more recently HAYAO MIYAZAKI: MASTER OF JAPANESE ANIMATION and THE ANIME ENCYCLOPEDIA for Stone Bridge Press. THE ANIME ENCYCLOPEDIA has been widely recognised as “the Halliwell of anime”, with copies on the shelves of many academic libraries worldwide.

Helen is currently working on two new projects and speaking at British film festivals about Miyazaki and SPIRITED AWAY. She has been a guest speaker on radio, on TV and at many convention and cultural venues around the world, but she is delighted to be returning to F.A.C.T.S. for the first time since the very first convention.

Present at FACTS: 1995 | 1996 | 2003