Drawer, illustrator, painter, colorist,… No matter what this artist does, it’s always going to be interesting to watch, even more so in the Celtic and heroic fantasy genres. 

As the designated illustrator for ‘themes around the universe of the Celts’ – yes, this is a real title – Gwendal Lemercier is sure to make all fantasy and history lovers feel like heroes themselves. Reading or experiencing his work will make you feel like you’re wielding magical swords yourself.

Next to his incredible pieces of art on his resume, such as DurandalLes Contes de l’AnkouArcanes d’Alya, Oracle, Elfes and many, many more, Mr. Lemercier also has a cooperation with game developer Ubisoft on his resume. He was responsible for artwork and more for the games Heroes of Might and Magic 5.

In other words, Gwendal Lemercier will make an excellent addition to the Artist Alley.

Gwendal Lemercier is coming to FACTS with publisher Original Watts.

Fantasy and history lovers, don’t miss the opportunity to meet this amazing artist at FACTS October 2017, in Flanders Expo Ghent! Gwendal Lemercier will be available on both days in the Artist Alley. 







Present at FACTS: 2015 | 2017-2-October

Website: http://gwen-crea.blogspot.be/