Gregory “Greg” Capullo (born March 30, 1962) is an American comic book artist and penciller, best known for his work on Quasar, X-Force, Angela and the main artist on Spawn.

Capullo started off as an aspiring self-taught artist. He was influenced by John Buscema who Capullo has referred to as “the master of the human figure”. He began his artistic career with a job in commercial advertising but soon was noticed for his talent as an inker and penciller and began on projects involving his artwork.

Greg Capullo also had his own creator-owned, written and drawn comic The Creech, published via Image Comics. These were two three-issue miniseries.

Currently (“comicwise”) he is the cover artist for the series Spawn and the artist on Image Comics’ “Haunt”, developed by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane.

Apart from comics, he’s been involved in several projects such as pencilling for the Korn album Follow the Leader and the Disturbed album, Ten Thousand Fists, and being part of the crew who worked on the animated sequences in the film The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002).

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