George Pérez is one of the most legendary comic books illustrators with titles including The Avengers, Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman.
In his early career he and Bill Mantlo developed the character of White Tiger, who appeared regularly in the pages of Spider-Man. Later on he also co-created the Taskmaster with writer David Michelinie.
He made his first big impact as an artist on the KORVAC SAGA, which featured nearly every Avenger, proving he is the perfect artist on group-driven titles. The eighties saw Perez’ fame soar to new heights as he and writer Wolfman hit a homerun with NEW TEEN TITANS, DC’s answer to the Uncanny X-Men. Both creators later took on the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” instant classic and the Wonder Woman reboot in the late eighties marked yet another huge hit for Perez, making him forever a fan favourite.
In the nineties Perez returned to Marvel, starting with the classic Infinity Gauntlet crossover, but also doing Hulk: Future Imperfect, Sachs and Violens and much more. In the late nineties he would draw the Volume 3 of the Avengers title and ended the nineties with the long-awaited JLA/Avengers inter-company crossover, originally to be published in the eighties.
At one point Perez started self-publishing his ‘Crimson Plague’ but due to the financial burden of self-publishing, the series was never completed.
After stints at Crossgen, he returned to DC with titles like Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, Teen Titans…

In 2014 he started as writer/penciller for “George Pérez’s Sirens” at BOOM! STUDIOS, a scifi adventure story that spans time and space, featuring a team of female heroes that kick butt across the universe.

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