Fernando Blanco (Zaragoza. Spain 1971). He published his first works in comics at the end of the past century, for small editors in Spain. Soon, in 2000 he breaks in comics USA market, working for Dark Horse and DC comics inking the pencils of other spanish artists as Jesús Saiz, David López or Javier Pina. At the same time he worked pencilling and inking in the historic character The Phantom for Moonstone Comics. Around 2006, he decided to leave his inking job for other artists and work only as full artist. He started to pencil and ink the series Army of Darkness for Dynamite Entertaiment, working in 12 issues of the series. After that, he worked for Marvel in 4 issues of Thunderbolts. He also works in other Marvel titles like, X-Men First Class, Marvel Zombies, Captain America: Theater of War, Red Hulk, Untold Tales of Punisher Max… In 2011 he comes back to DC. Since then, he have worked in series as FlashPoint: Secret Seven, I Vampire, Batman Eternal… But his most important work until the date was his run on Phantom Stranger: Trinity of Sin with writer leyend J.M. DeMatteis from issue 09 to 22. Actually he works in 4 issues arc of the historic DC tittle Detective Comics.

Present at FACTS: 2015