Eugenio Sicomoro is an Italian artist who is mostly known for Les deux coeurs de l’Egypte, Koud licht and De poort naar de hemel.


  • Italian artist
  • Mostly known for
    • Les deux coeurs de l’Egypte
    • Koud licht
    • De poort naar de hemel


1. Sketches & Commissions

Let this amazing artist draw you a masterpiece!

More info soon!

2. Casual talks!

Every artist is excited to meet his or her fans and is willing to talk about basically everything. Many fans have had interesting discussions with artists. Just walk up to them and ask them a question!


Artist Alley

Guest Hall

Want to meet this incredible artist?

Then join the party on

September 29-30

in Flanders Expo Ghent

for FACTS Fall 2018!

Eugenio Sicomoro will be available

in the Artist Alley

on both days

for sketches and interesting talks!

Present at FACTS: 2018-2-Fall