Ethan Van Sciver (born September 3, 1974) is an American comic book artist, best known for illustrating a number of titles including Green Lantern, Superman/Batman, New X-Men, and The Flash: Rebirth. He is known for a meticulous and detail-oriented style that collaborator Geoff Johns claims reflects the depth to which Van Sciver explores the mythology of his characters.

Ethan Van Sciver first caught the comic world’s eye in 1996 with his irreverent indie title Cyberfrog and stints on New X-Men and The Flash: Iron Heights in 2001, but it was the landmark Green Lantern: Rebirth mini-series in 2004 with writer Geoff Johns that put him permanently at the top of fans’ list.

Following an explosive initial run on the ongoing Green Lantern series, the chart-burning artist returned to the character and shook up readers with the Sinestro Corps series. In 2009 he dazzled fans with The Flash: Rebirth series and now is the artist on Batman: The Dark Knight!

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