Erik Larsen was born December 8, 1962 in Minneapolis,.

In 1982 he created a character Dragon which was inspired by elements from Captain Marvel, Batman, Speed Racer and later The Incredible Hulk.

Larsen did work at DC on The Outsiders, Teen Titans, Adventures of Superman and Doom Patrol.

In 1990, Erik Larsen replaced Todd McFarlane on The Amazing Spider-Man and later on Spider-Man. For Marvel he also worked on Punisher, Fantastic Four, The Defenders, Wolverine and Nova.

In 1992, he is one of the founders of Image Comics which was founded in order to seek greater control and profit over the work the illustrators created.
There he launched a series featuring a reworked version of Savage Dragon. Savage Dragon is one of two original Image Comics titles still published (the other being Spawn) and the only one still written and drawn by its creator.

From 2004 until 2008 Larsen became publisher of Image Comics.

Larsen and his wife, Jannie, live in Oakland, California, with their two sons, Christopher and Joseph.

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