Emanuela Negrin was born in Monza, and began collaborating with Lucio Leoni as his inker in 1990.
They have worked on a variety of comics, such as ‘Prezzemolo’, ‘Arthur King’, ‘Mr. H.W. Grungle’ and various Disney comics for Topolino such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse & Duck Avenger. Negrin cooperated on Ink magazine and founded the Poko studios with some of her friends to work on her own characters. Lucio Leoni and Negrin have also produced comics for the German market, such as ‘Abarafaxe’ (in Mosaik), ‘König Drosselbart’ in the ‘Simsala-Grimm’ series and ‘Mach’s Noch Einmal Robin!’.

Present at FACTS: 2012