Elia BonettiElia Bonetti is an Italian artist who has worked for several Italian publishers (like Astorina (Diabolik), Star Comics and Rizzoli) as well as international ones, like Marvel. Most famously, he has worked with the character Captain America in the series Fear Itself and Agents of Atlas.

Since 2010, he also works in France for Soleil, on the series The Order of the Dragons (L’Ordre des dragons) and Dogma.

Another series by Elia Bonetti we can strongly recommend, is The Night of the Living Dead for Dark Dragon Books.

And if you’re into beautiful paintings, then be sure to check out his Tumblr page.

Want to meet this artist? Then come to FACTS Spring Edition 2017, on April 1st and 2nd! Elia Bonetti will be present on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget your tickets!

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Present at FACTS: 2017-1-Spring

Website: http://eliabonetti.tumblr.com/