David Baldeón started his professional activity in 1999 with the Fanhunter: USA one shot, published in Spain by Planeta DeAgostini and Fanhunter: Barnacity by Gaslight (2000) for Fanhunter. In the animation field he has worked as a storyboarder, layout, key layout and key BG artist, and also as an artist, director and coordinator of several storyboard and concept design teams.

Although he has occasionally returned to storyboarding (Vigalondo’s 2007 Timecrimes), the majority of his body of work is in american comic books.
For DC comics, he pencilled several issues of the Blue Beetle and Robin series (2007-2008). He has worked for Marvel Comics since 2009, in books like Nomad: Girl Without a World, Young Allies, Avengers Academy Giant-Size, Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol, X-Men Legacy and Scarlet Spider. He also penciled IDW’s D&D Forgotten Realms: Cutter. He has recently finished a fourteen-issue run in Marvel’s Nova.

Present at FACTS: 2015

Website: http://www.davidbaldeon.com/