Colin Wilson was born in Auckland, New Zealand on October 31, 1949.

He is a comic artist whose work has been acclaimed in America, Britain and in Europe.

In 1977 he started his own fanzine, Strips which hosted many New Zealand comics and revived the New Zealand comic scene. In 1980, he moved to London and did stories such as Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd for the renowned comic magazine 2000 AD.

In France he’s mostly known for his work on ‘The youth of Blueberry’ and his solo series “Into the shadow of the sun”.

His first work in the US was Point Blank, written by Ed Brubaker and in 2005 he drew three issues of The Losers for Vertigo,
He also worked on Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: Invasion, Star Wars: Legacy and Star Wars: Rebellion.

His most acclaimed work is Headshot, written by Matz which has been bought by Warner Brothers. The movie ‘Bullet in the head’, based on Headshot, directed by Walter Hill and starring Silvester Stallone, Christian Slater and Jason Momoa, will be released in 2013.

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