The recipe for Carlos Ezquerra? Mix the terms ‘co-creator of Judge Dredd‘, ‘2000 AD’ and ‘Strontium Dog‘ and add a fuck-ton of spiciness. We all have this artist to thank for the existence of Judge Dredd, but also for many more 2000 AD comics, such as ABC Warriors and Tharg the Mighty

Furthermore, Carlos Ezquerra has worked with writer Garth Ennis on Bloody Mary, Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, War Stories and 2 Preacher specials.

Cool fact: the first Judge Dredd story was actually by the hands of Mick McMahon, after the character was abandoned by John Wagner and Ezquerra because of problems in the pre-publishing phase.

Mr. Ezquerra has been a guest at FACTS in the year 2000. We wonder what he’ll think when he sees the progress FACTS has made in the last 18 years!

Want to meet Carlos Ezquerra in person? Good news, you can! This amazing artist will be available in the Artist Alley of FACTS Spring on April 7-8, in Flanders Expo, Ghent, on both days!

Present at FACTS: 2000 | 2018-1-spring