Comic artist, painter, writer and … drummer! But lets focus on the visual work of this British jack-of-all-trades, shall we? Best known for awesome series, such as 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Elephantmen, Doctor Who and currently Blunt with writer Tom Eglington. 

But a man as productive as Boo Cook needs even more creative outlets than that. And he found them in album cover work for Harleighblu/Starkiller, Rodney P, Martin Green and Zed Bias.

Boo Cook also plays drums with experimental synth band Motherbox and musical collaboration project Forktail with artist Si Davis. No wonder there’s a dash of ‘rock ‘n roll’ in all of his body of comic book work.


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Want to meet Boo Cook personally? Then come to FACTS 2017, on October 21st and 22nd, in Flanders Expo Ghent! Boo Cook will be present on both days.







Present at FACTS: 2017-2-October