Béatrice was born in 1972 in Lyon, France. She grew up in the fields of the Ardèche, where she came into contact with comics at a fairly young age and would soon discover her love for the art of drawing. Even during her study of literature, she could not put the pencils down, which led her to complete an artistic education in a school for graphic arts. Béatrice practically has ink running through her veins.

She took her first steps into the world of comic books with the triptych Fée et les tendres automates (literal translation: Fairy and the tender robots), together with colleague Téhy and publisher Vents d’Ouest.

Although she has always firmly believed in the existence of fairies, she has made a comic about a dark version of the Santa Claus story with Mon voisin, le Père Noël (My neighbour, Santa Claus). Scriptwriter Philippe Bonifay gives the story extra depth and publisher Casterman published this weird Christmas-y tale.

Driven by passion for details and the will to convey the emotions of her characters as best as possible, Béatrice Tillier is extremely convinced that the path she has chosen is the right one. With her trilogy Le Bois des Vierges (The Maiden Forest), she wants to paint life as a fairy tale-like story, together with Jean Dufaux and publisher Delcourt.

In 2015, Béatrice succeeds Philippe Delaby as the artist of the new series La Complainte des Landes.

If you want to get cosy in the dreamy world of Béatrice’s fantasy creatures, then you should definitely come to FACTS Spring Edition on Saturday! And her husband and colleague Olivier Brazao will also be there to hand out signatures. How romantic!


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Present at FACTS: 2016-1-spring

Website: http://beatricetillier.blogspot.be/