After reading Architecture at University she began working as commercial artist and as illustrator.
In 1996, she started a collaboration with the Walt Disney Company: she took part to several creative projects as illustrator, drawer and character designer.
Together with Alessandro Barbucci, in 1997 she gave life to the new magazine W.I.T.C.H. : in fact they took part to the project’s editing , they created the characters, the background , the graphic design and the color of a project that since April 2001 has been having a huge success all over the world. More 72 countries in all.
Since 1997, they have been working on the science-fiction saga SKY DOLL, published in France by Soleil and in USA ( Marvel) , China , Japan, Russia, Korea and all Europe.
Acclaimed by the public and the critics in the recent years it has been awarded many times as best series of the year best color and design throughout Europe. Eventually , they are the graphic editors of the new series MONSTER ALLERGY – a comics for kids published in 2003 by Soleil and Lombard in France, in Germany by Egmont and Carlsen, and in 2004 in the rest of the world as a monthly magazine for the Walt Disney Company and Planeta.
Since January 2006, the series has been brought to TV as a cartoon produced by Rainbow, Futurikom and Disney Channel. Purchased in 2005 by Warner Bros for the USA it is aired on Cartoon Network e M6. Currently Barbara Canepa is working on Sky Doll 4 on the gothic series END , which will be realized in collaboration with an Italian Disney artist Anna Merli .
END is part of a new Soleil’s collection: Metamorphose, which she directs. Lastly in 2007 she created a new publishing pop label: VENUSDEA.
It’s a label independent of Soleil which strating from 2009, will feature international artists beyond the comics’ world. It will be edited all over the world in two languages, and will contain brand new projects, closer to the field of art than to the comics.
She is also working on an illustrated book with Isabella Mazzanti.

Present at FACTS: 2014