Alessandro Vitti headAlessandro Vitti is an Italian artist. He was born in Taranto in 1978. Since 2001, Alessandro has worked with all of the major Italian, American and French publishers in the comic book business.

He has illustrated Italian comic books such as Brendon and Saguaro, for Sergio Bonelli Editore.
Vitti has also worked as the in-house artist on various popular comic books, such as Captain America & Hawkeye, Avengers Arena, Fear Itself: Home Front-New Warriors, Doctor Voodoo, Daken for Marvel Comics, and many more.

He is co-creator of Red Dread (Lateral Publish 2012), which is written by Matteo Strukul.

His work with Jonathan Hickman on Secret Warriors for Marvel Comics has won particular acclaim.

You can find Vitti’s most recent work on Red Lantern Corps, written by Charles Soule, for DC Comics.
Vitti currently lives in Reggio nell’Emilia, in Emilia Romagna, Italy.




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