If Image Comics, Marvel and DC Comics are having a tug-of-war to get this Italian artist to their side, then you’d best be sure that we’re tying our rope to the bunch. And lookie here, we’ve pulled hard enough to catapult him to Ghent! 

Alberto Ponticelli’s career began with a group of friends, who published their comics themselves with through their own business called Shok Studio.

Dark Horse Comics eventually picked up on his stories and comics, which eventually translated his work and published it in the USA.

Later on, his travels lead Alberto Ponticelli to magazines like Heavy Metal and to his very own series Sam and Twitch, written by Brian Michael Bendis for Image Comics. That last publisher is the one that published his Godzilla comics, as well. Also: he did the Marvel Knights and the Blade 2 movie adaptation for Marvel Comics. And don’t forget his wonderful Dark Knight editions for DC.

This man has had quite a few awards and nominations for his work, too! He won the Boscarato award for best artist for La rage au poing in 2006, a graphic novel about mixed martial arts in the Brazilian favelas. Blatta, the first graphic novel he’s both wrote and illustrated, won the 2009 Micheluzzi award for best artist. It is said that the TV movie adaptation of this series is coming, too! And lets not forget that he was an Eisner Award nominee for his work on the ongoing Unknown Soldier series, published by Vertigo.

Also on his resume: the incredible series Frankenstein, Animal Man, Dial H, Second Sight, Hungry Ghosts and much more.


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Would you like to meet this artist? Then don’t miss the next edition of FACTS on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of October, in Flanders Expo, Ghent! Alberto Ponticelli will be available on both days. 




Present at FACTS: 2017-2-October