Alain HenrietAlain Henriet was born to draw. As a kid, he devoured Mickey Magazines and Dupuis series like Scrameustache and Les Tuniques Bleues, which led him to pursue a career in this field and to hone his skills. Which, in turn, led him to be accepted at the famous Belgian magazine Spirou, even before he finished his studies. And it all went uphill from thereon out, with numerous collaborations with the best of the best and many wonderful series as a result.

Alain Henriet is known for:

  • John Doe! , about a professional killer.
  • Le Portail , about a Tolkien-esque world with werewolves and knights.
  • Golden Cup, about a heroic car racer.
  • Pandora’s Box (6), about  the seven deadly sins.
  • Bear tooth, with gripping and beautifully drawn war stories.

And many, many more. Check this site for a full overview of his work.


Usagi, a skillful colorist and also Alain Henriet’s lovely wife, will be joining him. She has also worked on many of her husband’s series, like Golden Cup, Pandora’s Box, and notably the Michel Vaillant series, among many others.









Want to meet these incredible artists? Then come and visit them in the Artist Alley of FACTS in Flanders Expo, Ghent!

Attention: Alain Henriet and Usagi will only be present on Saturday, the 22nd of October.


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Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october