(APRIL 2017) Get lightsaber training at FACTS Spring Edition 2017!

So, young padawan, you wish to become a Jedi? Or would you rather become a Sith Lord? Either way, LudoSport can show you how to do proper light saber combat.

The LudoSport crew takes their task very serious. Light saber combat is a real sport, after all. It exists in 9 countries across the world, and there are national and international tournaments where athletes can meet and face each other in duels!

At FACTS Spring Edition 2017, you can get your Jedi or Sith hands dirty in light saber combat lessons, where the trained Force specialists will teach you how to wield the coolest sword in movie history.

Keep an eye out for the Shadow Team, who will do lots of showcases on what you can achieve if you persevere!



Want to learn how to be the best Star Wars swordsman there ever was? Then come to FACTS Spring Edition 2017, on April 1-2, in Flanders Expo, Ghent! 





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