You can find Game Mania in the

Gaming Hall

Be sure to pay them a visit!


1. Real Life Mario Kart!

You’ve played the Mario Kart titles on consoles.

You’ve played them on handhelds.

So lets see your skills in Real Life Mario Kart!

Drive remote control karts through a Mario themed racing track. It’s gorgeous!

2. Game Mania goodiebags with Super Mario Odyssey poster!

If you’re planning on scoring merch or goodies of your favourite games or series, then this big and strong goodiebag is perfect for your merch quest at FACTS. But of course, Game Mania isn’t giving you an empty bag; they’ll put a free poster of Super Mario Odyssey in it. Score!

3. Splitscreen Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Super Mario Kart!

Who doesn’t like a bit of couch gaming? Especially when it’s the wacky, fast racing game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Better start training before your FACTS visit, because 16 real players are taking each other on in these races!

Or if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can also push the ON button of the Super Nintendo Classic Mini and boot up Super Mario Kart.

Yes, the original!

4. Get a drawing of yourself as a Nintendo character! (Sunday)

Wooden Plank Studios (you should really check out their webcomics) are available on Sunday for free caricatures of yourself as a Nintendo character.

Always wanted to see yourself as the Hero of Hyrule? Or as a badass space bounty hunter?

Here’s your chance!

5. Free double-sided posters with pre-orders at FACTS

Pre-order your games at the Game Mania stand at FACTS and immediately receive a double-sided poster! You can choose from a poster of the games Assassin’s Creed: Origins/GT Sport, or a poster of Star Wars Battlefront II/Call of Duty: WWII.