Exclusive VIP Parking & VIP Entrance

“The VIP experience already starts before you even enter. After you’ve left your vehicle on the exclusive VIP parking, your lordship will be cordially invited to the special VIP side entrance. No more waiting in line. The parking voucher will be sent to you one week before the show.”

Access the VIP Lounge!

“Ah yes, the fabled VIP lounge. A calm, elevated resting place with the best view of the Exhibitor Hall, where you can enjoy free finger food and drinks. Open from 10 am until the end of the FACTS day. And don’t worry, it’s easier to find than the Bat Cave. Just take the stairs in Hall 1 and head to the right.”

Unique FACTS VIP badge

“You will receive a VIP badge with exclusive artwork – drawn by one of our international guest artists! – as well as a FACTS lanyard. Quite the remarkable gadgets, dare I say.”

Front row panel seats!

“I have taken the liberty of reserving the front row seats for you during Q&A. Because nothing is too good for my FACTS master.”

Skip lines with the VIP Fast Pass!

“With the VIP status, you are allowed to skip the queues for the photoshoots and signing sessions, via a Fast Lane. You will still need an extra ticket to get a photoshoot, mind you. Autographs still have to be bought at FACTS as well.”

Get the FACTS goodie bag! *

“Upon arrival, you shall be presented with a goodie bag with numerous gadgets, merchandise items and souvenirs. Your belt will be as full as Master Wayne’s with these wonderful objects.”

* Warning: only for VIP Weekend ticket holders!

Enter FACTS earlier!

“Not only do you get all the wonderful extras mentioned above, you will also be able to enjoy them for an hour longer. VIP ticket holders can enter FACTS at 9am instead of 10am. Ergo: all treasures of FACTS – from collectibles to activities – will be available to you before the others even enter.”

The FACTS VIP tickets are limited in availability. Click on the button below to get your very own.