Superchargez votre visite à FACTS avec les boissons de Brainfreeze!

Il y a des gens qui servent du café, et il y a des gens qui servent d’or noir… Mais il y a seulement un qui sert d’or noir avec la pincée de geek parfaite. Et ça, c’est Brainfreeze. 

FACTS will once again prove to be the perfect place for Brainfreeze Coffee & Comics. After all, their superhero themed drinks are best served to those who can appreciate the fine art of the comic scene. Hazelnut coffee simply tastes better if it’s called Squirrel Girl Coffee. And who wouldn’t want to drink a ‘Godzilla Vanilla’?

Don’t like coffee? No problemo. There’s also purely biological tea, chocolate milk with Callebaut chocolate and even enough vegan options with milk substitutes.

Brainfreeze also wants to honour the all-new Red Rider series (based on the iconic Flemish comic series De Rode Ridder; see picture) with a special Red Rider Coffee, a latte whose ingredients are top secret for now.


Come and taste the geekiness at FACTS, on the 21st and 22nd of October, in Flanders Expo Ghent!