Shibeez1Shibeez has been a cosplayer for roughly 10 years and she has since made a LOT of costumes.

Her specialty as she puts it? Incarnating secondary and/or almost unknown characters. Because come on, who has never wanted to cosplay Maud instead of Merida ? The carpet instead of Jasmine or Aladdin ? Joke aside, she believes the most important thing is to enjoy yourself by cosplaying whoever you want (yep, she’s a convinced body-positivist!).

Known for the cosplay duo she’s forming with Milou, Anne aka Shibeez is a master of theatrical performances as well as very detailed and vibrant fabric costumes. Shibeez and Milou have been enchanting their audience for 5 years with original and touching skits, like La Belle et la Bête (Jean Marais movie version) and Pan. Shibeez and Milou were the grand champions of the 2016’s ECG group finals (although Shibeez maintains her greatest accomplishment still is being able to make pretty good cakes).

Shibeez and Lynah will be giving a workshop about how cosplayers can make embroideries without using an embroidery machine (on Sunday, timetable TBA)



Present at FACTS: 2016-2-october | 2017-1-Spring